2020 was a painful year for mental health, with increased rates of anxiety and depression reported nationwide, many are left feeling pessimistic about the future. Root Care Health is here to help you move forward with some positive affirmations to start 2021. This is a great self-care method to improve your mental health, no therapist needed. 

Positive affirmations are words or phrases you repeat to yourself in order to manifest your goals. Simply put, you are speaking into existence the things you want in life. It is a powerful tool within all of us that we can channel and harness to improve our mental health. No matter how out of control your life may seem, you have to remember that you are in the driver’s seat. You are in control of your thoughts, your moods and your energy. Positive thinking leads to positive moods which leads to positive action. Believe you can and you will. 

10 Positive Affirmations to improve your mental health in 2021

  1. I am worthy and good enoughWe all experience moments of self-doubt but do not let it cripple you. A simple reminder to yourself that you’re worthy and good enough can go a long way in silencing those doubts.
  2. I am strong and capable of anything – Your strength comes from within you. It can only grow when you allow it to. Tell yourself you are capable and strong and you will fulfill that prophecy.   
  3. I love who I see in the mirror – With social media dominating our lives and feeding us false expectations, it is easy to lose sight of ourselves. Look in the mirror and practice self love whenever possible. Accept the person you are and love that person regardless of what others think of you. 
  4. I am beautiful and healthy –Your body is listening to you. Be kind to yourself and your body. When you tell yourself you are healthy, you will practice healthier habits. Remember that health is just as much mental as it is physical. 
  5. I am important and my thoughts matter – Know that your thoughts and opinions are uniquely yours and they do not need to matter to anyone but you. Allow yourself to feel your feelings and express them however you feel is right.
  6. I will achieve any goal I set for myself – Put that energy out there and your mind will execute. 
  7. I choose to let go of past pain and embrace the future – This affirmation is especially important after 2020, which was a painful year for many. Remember that you are more than your past, choose to let go and be in the present. The future is full of bright possibilities as long as you believe in yourself.
  8. I will turn negative thoughts into positive ones – Negative thoughts can affect your mood and attitude, ultimately hindering your growth. Allow only good energy into your life and push out any negative ones. 
  9. I deserve love and happiness – Remember that you are your own worst critic. Sometimes we tell ourselves we don’t deserve love or happiness because we did something wrong. That is not true, there is always a path for redemption. Forgive yourself for the worst things you’ve done and open yourself to love and happiness.  
  10. I am focused and ready to take on any challenge – New challenges are scary because they’re uncharted territory, and oftentimes starting is the hardest part. By telling yourself that you are focused and ready, you are giving yourself the green light to go. 

I suggest you write these affirmations down on paper, stick it on a mirror and say it out loud to yourself every day. What you are doing is feeding your brain with the encouragement, love and support it needs to develop positive thinking patterns. The key to stay consistent in your affirmations, say it until you believe it. 

You can add your own affirmations to the list by thinking about what goals you want to accomplish and what positive thoughts can get you there. Use an active and present tone when writing such as “I am”, “I will” and “I deserve” to declare your intentions. You will be surprised at what you can manifest once you put that energy out there. 

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